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Latest News Autumn 2017

We have recently designed, fabricated and supplied 3 customised powered belt conveyors to be integrated into a customer’s production system for manufacture of a building product. The conveyor design was based on a conveyor we designed and supplied to the same customer several years ago and was tailored to incorporate the up-to-date production process.

Each conveyor consists of a steel bed approx. 1 metre wide fitted with a special endless belt and capable of withstanding a very wide temperature range. All 3 conveyors are fitted with geared end drive motors.

The conveyors operate in line with the first unit mounted on support legs and the subsequent two conveyors mounted within the customer’s system. The conveyors incorporate special features including guide rollers and a pneumatic tilting device on the second conveyor as indicated in the pictures below –


rusmail 1


rusmail 2

Latest News 2017

News Update 2016/2017 – Happy New Year!

A happy and prosperous New Year to you and many thanks for your conveyor enquiries and business in 2016. May it continue as we progress get through the uncertainties of 2017.

As always Rusmail has an interest in standard conveying applications – belt, roller, slat, cable etc, floor mounted and overhead – but we also like to consider something different and unusual to develop bespoke conveying solutions. Such solutions are implemented when they provide the benefit of greater operating efficiency i.e. increased throughput with a reduced level of manual handling, reduced floor space, safer working conditions and overall reduced operating costs.

If you are looking at a new or modified handling application or system we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Just email or phone us for assistance.

As an example of a bespoke conveying solution to a two level application here are some brief details of a recent project we completed successfully -

Rusmail Responds to a Handling Challenge on Two Levels

Moving loads in tight spaces always presents an appealing challenge to Rusmail Conveyors. They were contacted recently to discuss and develop a solution for moving packed boxes from the first floor mezzanine to the ground floor dispatch area for a major book distributor.

Space restrictions did not allow enough room for a traditional decline belt conveyor so Rusmail devised an elegant solution - a bespoke spiralled gravity roller conveyor.


The conveyor also had to work around the mezzanine supporting legs creating an `S bend` which served to provide natural braking for safety purposes as the curve naturally slows the boxes down in a controlled manner.

If you are looking at a new or modified handling application or system we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Just contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or on 0121 359 1549.  

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