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Scrap Metal & Waste Material Conveyors

Conveyors for handling metal scap material

A large hopper unit with powered belt conveyor beneath to collect and feed waste aluminium cans to magnetic sorter/compactor as part of a kerbside can recycling project. recycling waste hopper 1
Metal scrap belt conveyors in mild steel and aluminium, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000mm long and 250 to 1,000mm wide. Belting has generally been PVC, fitted with polyurethane walls to retain material plus flights on the inclined sections. recycling waste conveyor scan0031
A special mobile unit for sorting and sampling waste material for a recycling company. The conveyor used a powered belt, which has been modified since to operate via solar powered batteries as well as a local generator. recycling waste conveyor scan0032

A small mobile flighted belt conveyor for collecting metal press scrap underneath a press and bringing it up to a suitable height scrap to deposit into the operators collection bin (bin not shown).
scrap waste conveyor

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